Maximize Lead Capture, Distribution and Workflow, and Increase ROI

Capture Leads

With SalesExec you can create forms instantly with field validation and collect internet leads. Create an 800 number or call center form to collect and route calls from any offline lead source. Once your lead sources are setup you can then provide an easy to use web portal.

Qualify and Distribute Leads

With Sales Exec you can send leads or phone calls into any CRM or Lead Management System. You can also ensure your leads are the highest quality by using real-time lead scoring or call verification systems.

  • Distribute leads via: weighted distribution, percentage, round robin, performance.
  • Distribute leads via: criteria (zip code, postal cost, lead fields, and more).

Market to Lead

SalesExec provides easy to use telephony and lead management solutions to market to existing leads:

  • Telephony solutions: click to dial, power dialer, predictive dialer.
  • Lead management and lead nurture solution.

Analyze Leads

SalesExec includes dashboard and real time reports, advanced customizable reporting, and we give you the ability to request any customized report. SalesExec reporting will help you determine your best lead sources with build in lead scoring.

  • Real-time website, landing page, and e-mail analytics.
  • Real-time ROI reporting on lead performance.


Integrate with any existing CRM or legacy system.

  • API capabilities for deep legacy software integration.
  • Lead import system.
  • Custom, real time, and picot grid reports.

What do your close rates look like?

Close rates are the backbone of a successful sales company. If you or your sales representatives are spending countless hours gathering leads, contacting leads and showing little to no close rates for the work, your business will ultimately suffer. Enter SalesExec by ClickPoint Software. With the SalesExec program you can integrate your lead sources from online and offline marketing directly into your Lead Management System, so you spend less time generating and monitoring leads and more time closing sales.

The Problem

Managing sales leads is tedious work that requires countless hours on the part of your sales team. How your team follows up with sales leads can determine the overall success of your marketing campaign. With multiple leads coming in from offline and online freespins marketing sources, it is imperative that your business manage them effectively and quickly to turn those leads into paying customers.

The Solution

SalesExec eliminates the hours of cataloging, monitoring and organizing leads from online and offline sources with their sophisticated lead management software. Developed by the highly sought after developers at ClickPoint Software, SalesExec was designed with sales teams in mind. Now sales teams can take advantage of this flexible lead management software solution to integrate leads from online and offline marketing campaigns without countless data entry hours. With SalesExec , your sales team can also integrate leads from third-party collectors without additional data entry required.

Any Industry, Any Sales

SalesExec was specifically designed to adapt to any industry and any sale – that means less modification on your part. Furthermore, SalesExec is highly customizable and allows users the ability to:

  • Pool leads from any generation method
  • Enter specific criteria, such as state, income or even gender, to configure what leads are pulled
  • Automatically reject leads that have been unsuccessful in the past
  • Create volume caps to allow a maximum number of leads into the system per month, quarter or year
  • Grade leads based on their closing success rates and failures
  • Enter duplicate checker information to avoid contacting the same lead twice
  • Remove profanity or expletive material from marketing materials and lead names

Why SalesExec?

Other lead management software lacks the capability to integrate from online and offline sources, let alone allow the user the ability to customize their lead management to their industry and business needs. With SalesExec, users can take advantage of multiple benefits that include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing morale among sales team members with high-quality sales leads.
  • Weeding out bad leads to save time and resources on wasted sales calls.
  • Creating one solid lead management database for online and offline sources.
  • Tracking performance to reward good leads and removing weaker ones.
  • Integrating with dialing systems for fast, effective sales call management.
  • The ability to contact more leads in less time.
  • The ability to turn overhead costs into profits.

If you are ready to take hold of your sales leads and save money, save time and turn each sales call into a successful sale, you need effective lead management software. Purchase your copy of ClickPoint’s SalesExec today by calling (877) 275-4523 now.

It is time to take control of your company’s sales with a fully integrated sales management solution. You can also visit About Us for more industry information.

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