The Telemarketing Software Advantage

Clients value your expertise with your outbound telemarketing services. Whether it is outbound telemarketing, appointment setting, lead qualification, lead generation, appointment setting, telesales or event management, your can demonstrate positive results to your clients in order to win renewals. With Contact Tracking Telemarketing you can maximize results and keep the clients coming back for more.

Communication is the Key

You acquired your latest client by selling the quality of your programs and people, but how are you planning to communicate your results? By Fax? Email? A web interface? Why not give your clients a view to monitor and measure how successful your latest campaign on the web in real time. The system can be accessed by a user anytime, anywhere. All they need is access to the web.

Connect Sales and Marketing

By putting the data generated by the campaign into a database, you can assign leads directly to the sales department and help ensure that the leads which were generated are followed up with. Leads requiring more detailed work can be tagged for additional marketing efforts. The Contact Tracking Telemarketing system also provides a feedback feature to help you and your client learn more about which programs deliver the optimum results.

Show Your Value as a Profit Center

Telemarketing programs are vulnerable to cuts or elimination when money is tight. When you integrate a closed loop system into every program you run, you can show your value to the client as a profit center.

Increase Client Retention Rates

When your customer sees a return on investment and shorter sales cycles from their campaign, they’ll want to organize the next big project. Your customer retention will increase as they observe your role as watcher over a valuable piece of data infrastructure. As your client integrates your system into their daily operations, you gain the opportunity for repeat business.

Develop your Brand

Contact Tracking offers you private labeling of your application. This system gives your clients access to the online database which is a powerful opportunity for you to brand your own company. As the client logs onto the system through a page on your website they see your name and logo.

The Telemarketing Advantage

When you package Contact Tracking telemarketing software as part of your outbound telemarketing service offerings, you communicate program results to clients efficiently. With the closed loop system you offer your clients a higher level of success as well as a measure of accountability. This results in increased profits for both your clients and your own company.