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Your business relies heavily on leads, but without effective management you are wasting time, resources and PROFITS your business could use to grow. With sophisticated lead management software from ClickPoint’s SalesExec, you can manage online and offline leads, integrate third-party lead sources and even customize your lead management to tailor the needs of your business and your industry.


Quick, Effective Closes

SalesExec offers a quick and easy five-step solution to closing the next sale.

  • Step One – Find the best lead sources and weed out bad ones instantly. Shut off bad sources to omit their data from the lead management for good.
  • Step Two – Create a collaborative workflow chart for all sales agents that customizes the best practices for your industry and gives sales agents a step-by-step process to close the sale.
  • Step Three – Create effective sales triggers that will generate automated tasks, notes and even reminders for sales agents to focus on.
  • Step Four – Create an automated email and phone marketing campaign with welcome emails, follow up email scripts and calls, and even a drip mail service for holidays, time ranges and closures.
  • Step Five – Maximize your sales agents’ potential with power dialers, easy-to-reach leads, pull methods and push leads on a daily basis.

Effective Lead Management Problem Solutions

These common issues could be affecting your sales funnel:

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