Four Nice Restaurants To Consider When Eating Out In Rockville

In this last article, I uncovered a restaurant that serves up a Nutella waffle for a dessert. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yeah, who knows what we will find together this time as we take a look at the best dining establishments that Rockville MD has to offer. Are you ready to find out?

Gilly’s Craft Beer & Fine Wine makes it a little obvious about the beverages, doesn’t it? You’re certainly going to be privy to delicious wine and craft beer, but what about the food? You are mostly going to be looking at checking out a deli, but a really good one. You can order up delicious sandwiches, and there are cheese plates available. That’s great for the wine. Gilly’s Craft Beer & Fine Wine is located at 2009 Chapman Avenue.

Green Bamboo Asian Bistro is located at 5751 Fishers Lane, and it’s a great lunch stop just like Gilly’s. Order up miso soup, crispy chicken, sushi and more. Green Bamboo Asian Bistro also features a great happy hour, and it is said to be a wonderful lunch spot for enjoying a meal with friends. Is it time for some sushi?

The Buukhara is the next featured restaurant, and its location is 9736 Traville Gateway Drive. There you will get to enjoy delicious Indian food, including garlic naan, chicken karahi, lamb curry and more. There are many spicy dishes on the menu as you might expect. The Bukhara is a wonderful stop if you and yours are up for some delicious Indian cuisine.

La Tasca Rockville is known as a great restaurant for tapas. Are you in the mood for some fried eggplant? What about some lamb? Make your way to 141 Gibbs Street, and you will arrive at La Tasca Rockville. The sangria there is said to be good, too, and people talk about the restaurant being a wonderful place to celebrate. That makes it seem like quite the festive place for enjoying a meal. You can expect great service, too.

That’s a short but diverse list of some of the best restaurants you’re going to find in Rockville. Two of them are top lunch spots, and of course this last one is for a night out on the town. Whatever idea you have for enjoying a meal in Rockville, I hope one of the restaurants mentioned fits the bill and makes you and yours quite happy.