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Acquiring New Leads New Via One On One Contact

The personality of a successful sales person is one that is very professional, and who finds happiness in tele-sales and meeting business managers and business owners in a face to face situation. They have a friendly outgoing manner and can easily strike up conversations with strangers.

Sales is all about developing lasting relationships with prospects. The benefit of this is repeat business and a higher volume of sales.

Cold calling is a tough business. If you have a fear of rejection this may not be the pastime for you! Confidence is a key in this arena – and the ability to keep at it day after day. Depending on your industry only one out of twenty visits may result in an actual lead.

While you are cold calling you need to aim to make contact with the decision maker. Getting past a gatekeeper may be a challenge. Therefore treat the gatekeeping with respect – as if he is the actual owner. Show them your offering, along with advantages and then ask them who you should speak with. Leave them feeling like they are a partner in the decision making process. They may help sell the product! And once you get to the decision maker and show them you wares then follow up should be made shortly after the initial meeting.

To meet more potential leads a membership of your local chamber of commerce may pay dividends. Often member will help to spread your message. Meeting people in these types of environments is often more successful than cold calling. The key is to engage with folks. Often meeting through the chamber are busy with many opportunities to promote yourself. Try out the chamber – often the first meeting is free, visit the office and check out the member book and ask what they can do to help promote your business.

If you have flexible pricing then it’s a good idea to not even talk price but rather have a sheet or contract with pricing on it. This way your price looks official and not something that has been made up on the spot. If the price is part of the contract – have them read the contract and they will get the pricing. If they ask about the price it is useful to deflect on to some unique feature or benefit of the transaction. Focus on the positive attributes of the sale.